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CLD-100 Salt Analyzer


The salt analyzer CLD-100 coulometrically supplies silver ions to be reacted with chloride ions and allows you to reduce the use of chemicals and waste, setting you free from the reagent standardization, toxic potassium chromate and buret maintenance.

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Simple operation !

Just inject the sample solution into the electrolytefilled measuring vessel to obtain rapid and accurate results. Next measurement can be automatically ready with useful Auto-Start setting.

High speed measurement!

Rapid measurement is achievable (measure 20µL of 1% NaCl standard in only 20 seconds!).Colored samples can also be accurately measured easily using the potentiometric End-Point Detection method.

Safety materials & design!

Mercury-free and trouble-free sleeve-type reference electrode is adopted for safety.

Easy maintenance!

No standardization of reagent is required in coulometry. No troublesome maintenance work such as reagent filling into flow-path and the dispenser as is required in volumetry.

Extremely compact design!

Only 310mm (W) x 270mm (D) in size means the integrated small-footprint design saves valuable bench space.

Low running cost!

The reusable electrolyte can be used for several measurements thus achieving real cost savings.(approx. 100 measurements of 20µL of 1% NaCl)


Item Specifications
Measurement method Coulometric titration method
End point detecting method Potentiometric detection method
Measured component NaCl or Cl-(Selectable)
Concentration units % (W/V,W/W) , mg/L , m mol/L
Sampling Micro dispenser
Measuring ranges/ Sample sizes

Range 1 : 1.0000 ~ 50.00 % 0.002mL

Range 2 : 0.2000 ~ 10.00 % 0.010mL

Range 3 : 0.1000 ~ 5.000 % 0.020mL

Range 4 : 0.0500 ~ 2.000 % 0.050mL

Range 5 : 0.0200 ~ 1.000 % 0.100mL

Range 6 : 100.0 ~ 5000 ppm 0.200mL

Range 7 : 40.0 ~ 2000 ppm 0.500mL

Range 8 : 20.0 ~ 1000 ppm 1.000mL

Repeatability CV 0.5% or less(20uL of 1% NaCl standard solution, N=5)
Measuring vessel Container designed for CLD-100
Calibration 1 point calibration using NaCl standard solution
Measurement starting mode Auto-start or manual start by pressing SAMPLE key
Printer interface For optional thermal printer PR-2000T3 or dot impact printer PR-302B
Data storage capacity 300 results
Power supply AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60 Hz 50VA
Dimensions / Weight 310 W x 270D x 300H (mm)/Approx. 5.0kg
Standard accessories 20µL Micro dispenser ( 1 pc)
Electrolyte M 500mL (1 bottle)
Electrode cleaner (1 pc)
Cotton swab for cleaning electrode (50pcs)
Small cup for clearing electrode (1pc)


Thermal Printer PR-2000T3 Paper width:80mm
Dot Impact Printer PR-302B Paper width:58mm

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