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Automatic Titrator COM-A19

Automatic Titrator with flexibility for you.

Automatic titrators use high-accuracy electrically-actuated burettes and end point detection based on electrochemical sensors, thus enabling high-accuracy measurements with no human errors.
Automatic Titrator COM-A19 faithfully retains the functionality of its popular predecessor model while adding new features to address the needs of users.

*Since sales availability, products and services vary by country and region, please contact your Hitachi High-Tech Science contact, the exclusive distributor, for specific requests and questions.



COM-A19 Automatic Titrator

Parallel measurement Up to 2 titration stations are connectable.
(with optional titration station (and stirrer))
Titration methods Potentiometric titration
Measuring range pH: 0 to 14,
mV: -2000 to +2000 mV
Titration mode Learn titration, Inflection-point detection, Set-point detection, Set point/Inflection-point detection, Cross-point (F, B, V1, V2) detection, Neutralization values in petroleum products (Oil1, 2)
Other functions: pH-Stat (1, 2), pH measurement, Dispensing, Calculation, pKa measurement
Endpoint detection mode Auto-detection using a second derivative (with smoothing function), Set-point detection, Cross-point detection
Number of endpoints detected Up to 5 end points with a Learn titration file or linked method files
Display 8.4 inch color LCD touch panel
Displayed content Titration conditions, Data per drip, Titration results, Titration curve, Differential curve, List of titration results, Statistics calculation results, Condition settings display, Real-time display of fluid temperature during titration (when thermistor electrode is connected)
Memory data capacity
(Each titration station)
Built-in memory: 100 data points
USB flash memory: (≧256MB) Maximum capacity approx. 9,900 data points
Settings input method Key touch input (English guide displayed)
Sample data Sample No.: 2 digits, ID code: 16 alphanumeric characters
Master file Titration execution files: 51 files
Conditions file 51 files (method parameters, constant files, control mode files)
Number of linked condition file 9 files (up to 5 files in case of titration files linkage)
Titration control mode file Standard files: 51; Neutralization value files in petroleum products: 51;
Manufacturer settings modes (0–11), Blank modes (12–19), User setting mode (20–50)
Constant file
(settings parameter of concentration calculation constant)
51 files
K, L (constants), F (factors), M or N (molarity or normality), B (blank mL), S (sample size), T (temperature °C)
Sample files 99 files (Sample No., ID code, Master file and Sample size)
Auto input function Function to automatically set titration results to constant parameters (blank, factor, etc.) .
Condition files for automatic input can be designated.
Calculation function Concentration calculation, Statistics calculations, pH automatic compensation
Branching function After measuring the potential prior to titration, branching into maximum 2 condition files
GLP-compliant function 1) Buret precision check, 2) Electrode check,
3) Buret use frequency (display/print),
4) Electrode maintenance (display/print), 5) Reagent level display and alarm
Printer Built-in thermal printer (Paper roll width: 58 mm)
External input/output RS-232C: 1 port (For balance or computer connection),
LAN: 1 port,
USB flash memory stick: 1 port
Power supply AC100-240 V±10 % 50/60 Hz 60 VA (MC-3000 only)
A power cable is not included in this product. (*1)
Dimensions / weight 235(W) × 400(D) × 250(H) mm / Approx. 6.5 kg (MC-3000 only)

*1: The power inlet of this product complies with IEC60320 C14. Please prepare a power cable that can be connected to this power inlet.

TS-3000 Titration Station

Buret capacity Standard: 20 mL transparent syringe (with UV light shield protective cover)
Can be replaced with 5, 10, 50 mL buret head (optional)
Forming system Vacuum forming
Wetted part material PTFE, hard glass, ceramic (*1)
Connecting tubes φ2 x φ3 PTFE tube (brown)
Reagent bottle size 500 mL
Valve switching Automatic switching by ceramic lapping
Discharge speed/ Absorption speed Full stroke: minimum 50-second (min. 25-sec. for discharge or absorption)
Can be set from 50 to 250 seconds in 25-second increments (with a 20-mL syringe)
Minimum drip volume 0.00125 mL (with 20-mL syringe)
Buret accuracy Relative accuracy: ±0.1% or less (with full capacity discharge from 20-mL syringe at factory settings (new))
Repeat accuracy: 0.01 mL or less (with full capacity discharge from 20-mL syringe, n=6 standard deviation)
Buret attachment Up to two B-3000 burets can be attached simultaneously
Measurement unit attachment Only the S-3000 can be connected
Power supply AC100-240 V±10 % 50/60 Hz 70 VA
A power cable is not included in this product. (*2)
Dimensions / weight 120(W) × 340(D) × 470(H) mm / Approx. 6.5 kg (*3)

*1: Hydrogen fluoride cannot be used.
*2:The power inlet of this product complies with IEC60320 C14. Please prepare a power cable that can be connected to this power inlet.
*3: When measurement unit and burette head are attached.

K-3000T Stirrer

Beaker size Up to 500mL
Stirring system Magnetic stirrer
Stirring bar PTFE (φ8 x 30 mm): 1 included
Rotation speed setting Adjustable
Initial speed can be set on the main controller unit
Number of attachment to electrode holder Electrodes: 2
Thermistor electrodes: 1
Buret tips: 3
Power supply DC12 V (supplied by titration station)
Dimensions / weight 100(W) x 165(D) x 345(H) mm / Approx. 1.5 kg