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Oil Evaporator EV-2000L

Lubricating oil vaporizers using an azeotropic distillation method.
Samples which include substances which interfere with the Karl Fischer reaction such as lubricating oil and are difficult to measure the moisture of via direct methods can be measured in a short time using the azeotropic distillation method.


Moisture Vaporization Method Azeotropic Distillation Method (distillation while ventilating carrier gas)
Temperature control Optional settings, automatic temperature adjustment
Temperature range From room temperature to 200 ℃
Carrier gas N₂ gas (or dry air from an optional dry air pump)
Flow rate : 30 to 300mL / min (depending on setting)
Drying agent column Molecular Sieves 100g
Heater Band heater
Sample amount About 10mL or less
Distillation Solvent Toluene, Xylene, n-Octane, etc. (volume used in each measurement: 5-10mL)
Power supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz About 150VA
Dimensions / Weight 220(W) x 370(D) x 265(H) mm / Approx. 7kg