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Mercury Analyzer HG-400

The HG-400 is an automated mercury analyzer that achieves a 0.5ppt detection limit based on Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometer complying with EPA and other standard methods.

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Analysis Unit

Measurement method Cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
Testing size 5 mL
Detection range 0 – 500ng / 5mL (0 – 100ppb)
Lower detection limit 0.5 ppt
Desiccation method Electronic cooling method
Mercury collection method Collection by activated charcoal
Light source Low pressure mercury lamp
Measurement mode Peak height mode/ Integration mode
Air pump Electromagnetic drive diaphragm pump
Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 100VA
Dimensions / Weight 220 (W) x 400 (D) x 220 (H) mm / Approx. 12kg

Main Control Unit

Printer Built-in thermal printer (paper width: 58mm)
Touch panel screen 7.5 inch color graphics liquid crystal display
Data capacity Internal memory : 60 data, USB flash memory (>256MB) Max. approx.9900 data
Files Sample file: 99 files (ID code, sample size, testing size, total volume, condition file No.)
Measurement condition file: 6 files
GLP compliant function Operation times of air pump/ dispenser/ Hg collection column, reagent level alarm,
error history, operation time/ light intensity of mercury lamp, maintenance information
Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 30VA
Dimensions / Weight 220 (W) x 400 (D) x 200 (H) mm / Approx. 4kg