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Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator MOICO-A19

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator with flexibility for you.

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MOICO-A19 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

Titration method Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
Electrolysis control method Constant-current electrolysis, intermittent electrolysis near the end point
End-point detection method AC polarization potentiometric detection method
Measuring range 5 μgH₂0 – 300 mgH₂O
Displayed resolution 0.1 μg
Background correction Automatic correction (selectable ON/OFF)
Display 8.4 inch color LCD touch panel
Display unit μgH₂O, ppm, %
Accuracy Within CV of 0.3 %
(1 g of 1 mgH₂O/mL water-in-methanol measured 10 times)
Required measurement time FAST  :1.8 mgH₂O/min (30 μgH₂O/sec)
MEDIUM:1.2 mgH₂O/min (20 μgH₂O/sec)
SLOW  :0.6 mgH₂O/min (10 μgH₂O/sec)
Electrolysis diaphragm Ion exchange membrane (Only Two-chamber electrolytic cell )
Electrolytic cell capacity Two-chamber electrolytic cell : 150 mL (min.usage: approx. 100 mL)
Single chamber electrolytic cell : 150 mL (min.usage: approx. 100 mL)
Single chamber electrolytic cell “S” : 75 mL (min.usage: approx. 25 mL)
Memory data capacity
(Each titration station)
Built-in memory: 100 data points
USB flash memory: (≧256 MB) Maximum capacity approx. 9,900 data points
Settings input method Key touch input (English guide displayed)
Conditions file 51 files
Sample files 99 files
Calculation function Concentration calculation, Recalculation, Statistics calculations
GLP-compliant function 1) Electrode control
-Total electrolysis volumes, replacement dates, and replacement alarms of generating solution
-Total electrolysis volumes, replacement dates, and replacement alarms of counter electrode solution
-Ion exchange membrane replacement date
-Indicator electrode replacement date
2) Measurement accuracy test
3) User control system
Printer Built-in thermal printer (Paper roll width: 58 mm)
External input/output RS-232C: 1 port (For balance or computer connection), LAN: 1 port, USB flash memory stick: 1 port
Power supply AC100-240 V±10 % 50/60 Hz 60 VA (MC-3000) 50 VA (TQ-3000)
A power cable is not included in this product. (*1)
Dimensions / Weight 235(W) × 400(D) × 250(H) mm / Approx. 6.5 kg (MC-3000)
110(W) × 250(D) × 160(H) mm / Approx. 3.5 kg (TQ-3000)
100(W) x 165(D) x 175(H) mm / Approx. 1.5 kg (K-3000A)

*1: The power inlet of this product complies with IEC60320 C14. Please prepare a power cable that can be connected to this power inlet.

K-3000A Stirrer

Stirring system Magnetic stirrer
Power supply DC12 V (supplied by titration station)