Photo by Koki Takezawa

Unchanging tradition and new challenges

Since our founding in 1943, we have aimed to contribute to society through high-quality analytical instruments.

In 1965, we developed Japan's first automatic titration device that controlled addition. As "Hiranuma of Titration," we have become a partner of companies active in many fields such as the chemical industry and food manufacturing industry, supporting the foundation of quality control in manufacturing.

Although we have inherited a tradition of over half a century, the social situation is changing every moment.
Due to global economic activity brought about by globalization, many customers are expanding overseas. HIRANUMA is also expanding its overseas business, and in 2021, the company name was changed from Hiranuma Sangyo to its current name. Go out into the world.

While passing on techniques, we do not hesitate to change to suit the times. We will continue to adhere to this "never-change-the-fashion" attitude and continue to work closely with our customers to solve their problems.

As we look ahead to our 100th anniversary, all of our employees will continue to work together and strive to improve.

Representative Director Kazuya Hiranuma

Photo by Koki Takezawa

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