About products that use mercury

1.Products using mercury

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Products Parts/parts using mercury Part position remarks
Automatic Titrator
(not used for COM-1700A)
lcd display Display section 2 cold cathode tubes (CCFL tubes)
*There may be 1 tube depending on the delivery date.
Karl Fischer Titrator
(not used for AQ/AQV-2200A)
Process Titrator
・RTR-1000(up to serial number P514049)
Mercury Analyzer
・HG-400(up to product number P638059)
Mercury Analyzer
Mercury lamp Light source part P/N:E720015-A
Mercury content 7mg
Mercury Analyzer
Mercury content 2mg
Mercury Analyzer
Mercury absorption column Installation location varies depending on model  
Mercury Analyzer
Mercury absorption bottle HG-1:Side view
HG-150/200:Front view of measurement section
Depending on the release date, there are wet types that use absorbent and dry types that use activated carbon.
・Silver comparison electrode MS-231
・Silver comparison electrode MC-231
・Silver-comparison Composite electrode AGR-801
・Silver-comparison Composite electrode AGR-801A
・Silver-comparison Composite electrode AGR-821
・Silver indicator-comparison electrode AGR-822
・Silver-comparison composite electrode AGR-825
・Platinum reference electrode PR-751
・Platinum reference electrode PR-751B
Internal pole Inside the electrode Mercury content
(as mercury)
MS-231/MC-231 is approximately 80mg, others are approximately 45mg

2.Precautions when handling mercury

  • When disposing or recycling used mercury-containing products, please dispose of them properly in accordance with laws and regulations and local government rules.
  • When disposing of the product, please inform the industrial waste disposal company that it contains mercury.

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