Automatic Titrator

Color Touch Panel in a Compact Body

  • 4.3 inch color LCD touch panel
  • Titration curve display
  • Economy purge function
  • Space saving
  • Save data to USB memory

Although it is reasonably priced, it has a variety of functions!
It is also possible to upgrade from COM-28 to COM-28S for a fee, allowing you to meet future needs!

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Product features

1.Touch panel

4.3-inch color LCD touch panel offers a clear and easy-to-see image. Also comes with a stylus for precise control.

2.Titration curve display

Displays titration curves in real time. This makes it easier to consider appropriate measurement conditions and to identify factors that may cause variations or failures in measurement results.


In addition to the standard 20mL, 50mL is available for use when more than 20mL is used per measurement, such as in isocyanate (NCO) analysis. An “economy purge function” is provided to automate reagent exchange and reduce liquid waste. (Available exclusively for 10mL and 20mL syringes.)

4. Space-Saving

Width 255 mm, depth 290 mm. Stirrer and burette integrated. It takes up little space and is easy to move.

5.Data Control

Able to store 50 previous data results in the main unit, upgradable to 9,900 results with USB memory. Optional software is available to view results on PCs and use the Recalc function.

6. Sequential [COM-28S]

Different components in a single sample can be measured sequentially. The results are obtained automatically, without the need to prepare each sample individually. Up to 3 items can be measured sequentially.

7. Buret Expansion [COM-28S]

Along with the built-in buret, up to two additional burets (B-28) can be installed. By specifying the buret number, various titrations can be performed without changing the titrant each time.

8. Photometric titration [COM-28S]

By connecting an optional measuring unit for photometric titration (M-28), it can be used for photometric titration to measure metal ions.

9. Smoothing function [COM-28S]

This function makes it easier to determine the endpoint when the inflection point of the titration is unclear.

10. Sample Changer [COM-28S]

The optional sample changer C-1712 helps productive and efficient measurement.(Installation stands required separately.)

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