Auto Buret

Example of combination with optional stirrer and buret head

A variety of functions, such as an easy-to-read
color touch panel and
one-handed precision dispensing,
support manual titration.

You can choose from three types of dripping methods.

  • Touch panel Start button
  • Attached remote switch
  • INCREMENT knob on the side of the main unit (Micro-drops near the endpoint!)

*Since sales availability, products and services vary by country and region, please contact your Hitachi High-Tech Science contact, the exclusive distributor, for specific requests and questions.

Product features

1.Titration support

  • Concentration Calculation
  • Recalculate concentration (last result only)
  • Shorten time by setting continuous dripping
  • Stores up to 99 points of titration volume
  • Three types of titration patterns

2.Dispensing support

  • Can dispense a set volume
  • Setting of dispensing operation interval time
  • Set the number of repetitive operations
  • Totalize/non-totalize dispensing

3.Extended Functions

  • Host/balance connection via RS-232C
  • Can also be used as a Buret for Auto Titrator
    *For COM-A19/1700(A)
    *Signal code (P/N: HSJ832875) is required.
  • Optional magnetic stirrer
  • Easy replacement of Buret Head *Conventional H-1700 can also be used

Example of combination with optional stirrer and buret head

Supports local sports teams.