Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
with flexibility for you.

  • 8.4 inch color LCD touch panel
  • 16 levels of LCD display angle adjustment
  • Various LED displays

It also includes popular functions such as data management with USB memory, built-in thermal printer, and simultaneous measurement of up to 4 types of moisture and titration!

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Product features

1. Large Color LCD Touch Panel

A large 8.4″ touch panel screen enables the user to input text easily. Selecting functions from the menu can be operated intuitively. The protective film can be replaced to protect it from scratches and wear over the long term.

2. LCD Display Adjustable in 16 Positions

Each user can adjust the angle as he/she likes. The position can be locked so that it will not move when the screen is pressed.

3. Four Types of Titration in Parallel

By adding a titration station and stirrer, four types of titration can be carried out in parallel. (Titrator or Karl Fischer titrator can also be added)

4. Built-in thermal printer

Equipped with a built-in thermal printer with a paper roll 58-mm wide, which can be set up simply by inserting the paper roll and closing the cover.

5. USB/LAN Port

Approximately 9,900 results can be stored on a USB memory stick. With optional software, the user can view the data on a PC or use a recalculation function. With a LAN connection, the user can also view the data on a Web browser.

6. User Authentication Settings

User restrictions enable the security improvement as well as the prevention of inadvertent changes to, for example, measurement conditions.

7. Status Indicator with 3 LED Colors

Titration Station colored lights allow the user to confirm the status of operation from a distance. The user will also be alerted to unexpected problems right away.

8. Forty Rotation Speeds Can Be Set

Stirrer rotation can be adjusted manually in fine increments shown by LED bars$2014it is easy to see and understand. (Four increments per each bar)

9. Two-color LED display of operating status

The operating status can be checked from a distant location.

Supports local sports teams.