Automated Solid Evaporator EV-2010

Affordable continuous automatic
measurement system
for solids and powders
(for 10 samples)

Create a system by combining it with a KF Titrator.
A series of operations such as sample container transfer, heating, and measurement are performed automatically.

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Product features

1. Automatic measurement

Multiple samples can be measured automatically for efficient moisture measurement.

2. Heating temperature (room temperature to 300℃)

The sample heating temperature can be set arbitrarily from room temperature to 300°C.

3.Measurement condition file

There are 50 measurement condition files, and optimal temperature settings can be registered for each sample.

4.Temperature increase can be set for each sample

Up to 3 steps of temperature increase can be set for each sample.

5.Easy-to-handle sample bottles

The container is straight from the bottom to the mouth, making it easy to take out the dissolved sample.

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